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Advisory Committee

Tom Lee
Mr. Lee is director of Sunlight Labs, an open source community of thousands dedicated to using technology to transform government. They focus on transparency-the idea that government can be more effective, more honest, and more accountable when it makes data about its process, operations, and influences available to the public. Their work revolves around opening up government data of all forms.

Chrystie Hill
Ms. Hill is a librarian, writer, and consultant on technology and community building. Ms. Hill has experience with hundreds of libraries and dozens of library organizations making her fluent in the issues related to community building through libraries.

Homa Naficy
Ms. Naficy joined the Hartford Public Library in 2000 where she designed and directed a program for Hartford’s immigrants and refugees called The American Place. As a representative from the Hartford Public Library, she recognizes the needs, interests, and capabilities of public libraries.

Jamie LaRue
Mr. LaRue has been the Director of the Douglas County Libraries since 1990 and has gained experience throughout his career in public libraries. In his published book, The New Inquisition: Understanding and Managing Intellectual Freedom Challenges, he advocates assuming a proactive role in every library function from collection to community outreach.

Barbara Macikas
Ms. Macikas brings to the committee extensive association management and leadership experience having served as the Executive Director of the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) and the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), divisions of the ALA.

Christopher (Cal) Lee
Dr. Lee teaches archival administration, records management, digital curation, understanding information technology for managing digital collections and acquisition of digital data from physical media. His interest in the professionalization of this work and the diffusion of existing tools and methods (e.g., digital forensics, web archiving, and automated implementation of policies) into professional practice brings a unique aspect to the committee within the field of digital curation practices.

John Carlo Bertot
Dr. Bertot currently serves as President-elect of the Digital Government Society of North America (DGSNA), chair of the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) Library Performance Indicator working group, serves as a member of the National Information Standards Organization’s (NISO) Business Information Topic committee and currently serves on the ALA Committee on Research and Statistics and E-government Services Subcommittee.

Vailey Oehlke
Appointed to her role of Director in 2009, Ms. Oehlke is an active member of the American Library Association’s Digital Content Working Group, serves on the Executive Boards for the Public Library Association and the Urban Libraries Council and the Oregon Library Association.

Philip Eppard
As a University at Albany faculty member since 1988, Dr. Eppard has worked to develop a specialization in archives and records administration at the University. His research, experience and leadership in archives, preservation management, rare books, contemporary publishing and the history of recorded information have helped build ties amongst the University and the library and preservation community.