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Public Value Tool (PVAT)
CTG received an Early-Concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a conceptual design of a resource for open government leaders and to start the development of a research proposal that lays out the most pressing questions surrounding emerging technologies, open government, and citizen services.
  • Resource for Government Leaders - The development of the resource for open government leaders is presented in the report Open Government and Public Value: Conceptualizing a Portfolio Assessment Tool (PVAT) .

    As part of the process, CTG held the workshop "Balancing Your Agency's Open Government Portfolio: A Public Value Approach" with federal open government leaders to test and refine the conceptual design of the tool in an open dialogue with peers from other agencies. This half day workshop was held in December 2010 at the National Academy of Public Administration in Washington, DC. It resulted in new insights in open government and public value assessment. More >>

  • A Research Proposal -Throughout the entire investigation and development process, CTG has documented the most pressing research questions and areas of research that are critical to the understanding and evaluation of open government. A research proposal is forthcoming.