Information Strategies for Open Government: Challenges and Prospects for Deriving Public Value from Government Transparency

Sharon S. Dawes and Natalie Helbig
Aug. 1, 2010


Electronic Government: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, M.A. Wimmer et al. (Eds.), EGOV 2010, LNCS 6228, pp. 50–60, Mon, 01 Aug 2010.

Information-based strategies to promote open government offer many opportunities to generate social and economic value through public use of government information. Public and political expectations for the success of these strategies are high but they confront the challenges of making government data “fit for use” by a variety of users outside the government. Research findings from a study of public use of land records demonstrates the inherent complexity of public use of government information, while research from information science, management information systems, and e-government offer perspectives on key factors associated with effective information use. The paper concludes with practical recommendations for information-based open government strategies as well as areas for future research. 

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