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VII. Results

The NYS GIS Data Coordination Program is clearly a success, although some of its goals have yet to be fully achieved and challenges still lie ahead. Its focus, philosophy, and practical results reflect widespread participation by local governments, state agencies, and the private sector. More than one hundred individuals have volunteered their time, effort, and knowledge to this initiative. The Data Sharing Cooperative currently comprises more than 100 members and has a membership goal of 125 by 1999. New York State’s program in GIS Data Sharing has been widely recognized as successful and innovative. The New York State GIS Clearinghouse has been selected by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) to receive the 1998 Exemplary Systems in Government Award in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure-Data Partnerships Category. (The predecessor prototype clearinghouse was honored for excellence in intergovernmental applications in 1996 by the National Association of State Information Resource Executives.) The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), the US national GIS coordination program, has formally recognized the NYS Coordinating Body and the Statewide GIS Program as a partner in the effort to create a national spatial data infrastructure.

The Program received a grant from FGDC to assist in the development of metadata for the Clearinghouse. It includes funds for training and technical assistance for state and local government staff on the creation of metadata. Finally, a member of the NYS GIS Coordinating Body, Bill Johnson, has recently been elected to the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Board of Directors. It is the first time the State of New York will have a voice at the Council.