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V. Clients’ involvement

While any individual or organization can become involved in the larger GIS Coordination Program working groups and make use of the public resources available from the Clearinghouse, certain privileges are extended to signed members of the GIS Data Sharing Cooperative.

Government and nonprofit organizations (such as universities) may become members of the Data Sharing Cooperative. Members of the Cooperative are required to list the data sets they own on the Clearinghouse inventory, create metadata for these data sets and put it in the metadata repository of the Clearinghouse for members to search and view. They are also expected to contribute to the maintenance of the Cooperative’s data sets by returning corrections and enhancements to the Primary Custodians, whenever they use data provided by another member.

Commercial businesses interested in GIS comprise a wide array of organizations offering GIS-related services including consulting, database development, training, and application development; organizations offering GIS products for sale such as software, hardware and data; and direct or indirect end-user organizations such as engineering and construction firms. These organizations may not formally join the cooperative, but they are likely to benefit from it in several ways. The Clearinghouse and Cooperative organize and describe GIS data sets for the benefit of all potential users. They also foster promotion, communication, and enforcement of standards related to the development and use of GIS software and data; and improvement of communications and coordination regarding GIS activities in the State. Having so many different interests in the coordination of GIS activity in NYS, the private sector is represented in a specialized private sector advisory group and private companies are involved in the finance, data sharing, and legal work groups.