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Research Results
Over the course of the two year research project "New Models of Collaboration for Delivering Public Services," researchers delivered presentations across the United States and Canada. The multinational research teams also collaborated in producing white papers and articles. This section provides a sample of the many presentations delivered and articles recently published.


Lise Prefontaine,  Line Ricard,  Helene Sicotte,  Danielle Turcotte,  Sharon Dawes
April 2000 >Download PDF
Collaborative partnerships in the public sector are helping to pave the way for new innovations in information and service delivery. This white paper presents the conceptual model used for the New Models of Collaboration research project. The six dimensions of the model are explored in detail. In addition, the white paper summarizes the findings of a review of collaborative public sector service methods around the world. A look at trends in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and developing countries is provided.

Sharon S. Dawes,  Lise Prefontaine
Communications of the ACM, Volume 46, Number 1, January 2003, pp 40-42 >Download PDF
In the last decade, countries all over the globe have sought to deliver public services through new working relationships among governments and private and nonprofit organizations. The defining characteristic of these collaborations is the voluntary combination of separate organizations into a coherent service delivery system supported by advanced Information Technology (IT). This article presents a summary of preliminary findings of the New Models of Collaboration multinational research project that studied a dozen of these collaborations in the United States, Europe, and Canada.


May 2003,  Ophelia Eglene,  Sharon Dawes
In this presentation delivered at the 2003 National Conference on Digital Government Research, researchers of the New Models of Collaboration project reflect on the challenges of conducting a public management research project that spanned over two continents and four countries, involved work in four different languages with eleven different research institutions and three funding agencies.

September 2001,  Sharon Dawes,  Ophelia Eglene,  Lise Préfontaine
This presentation on the preliminary results of the New Models of Collaboration research project was presented at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Conceptual problems with the original model used in the research project were exposed as well as challenges posed by the multinational dimension of the research project.

November 2001,  Sharon Dawes,  Ophelia Eglene,  Jon Gant,  Patricia Flectcher
In November 2001, the American research team presented results from their cases at the third CEFRIO private and public partners transfer session in Quebec, QC. The management methods, collaboration processes, and performance of each American project was explained in detail and critical success factors were highlighted.

March 2003,  Sharon Dawes,  Patricia Fletcher,  Lise Préfontaine
This presentation was delivered at the 2003 American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. Sharon Dawes presented an overview of the New Models of Collaboration research project, Patricia Fletcher explained the FirstGov project in detail, and Lise Préfontaine focused on one Canadian case, Ontario Business Connect.