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Type of Services Offered

Public access to a single service type
Most of the projects we studied were collaborations between the public and private sector to provide citizens and businesses easy access to a specific service. Several levels of government and agencies are usually involved but the service provided is one that is focused on a particular citizen or business need. These types of online services simplify government by providing a one-stop access point to complete a process that previously required visiting several government offices. Businesses can, for example, take advantage of services such as One-Stop Business Registration to register a new business through one single site visit. Ontario Business Connect is another example of a service provided to businesses who can complete electronic applications for several state and provincial programs in one location. Similarly, the IRS e-file provides citizens with the opportunity to download or fill out federal or state tax forms from the site. is another example of a single access point for citizens. Job information from all regions of Belgium and countries of the EU are available through one portal.