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There were numerous federal partners: Public Works and Government Services Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, Canadian Heritage, Canada Post, Industry Canada, Agriculture Canada, Citizenship and Immigration, Canada Information Office, Revenue Canada and a few others. Two played a key role in the project. The first was Public Works, which runs the 1-800 call centre, has the database on all government services, and manages the government’s website. This department has very broad responsibilities in the realm of government services and its power is widely known. HRDC was the second major player because it already possessed a large network of in-person access centres and, over the years, had developed extensive experience in providing client services. Because of management problems that received wide media coverage, HRDC adopted a rather low-key role in the project and did not try to exercise any type of leadership whatsoever.

The SCI project also had other levels of government as partners, namely several provincial governments (New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories) and a few local governments. In addition, there were also community groups and a few nonprofit organizations (NPOs). The number of partners was very large, which did not fail to complicate cooperative relations.