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Service Canada Initiative

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Treasury Board Secretariat and SCI Team
This was a small team of some 20 people at most, but they shared the same vision and commitment to developing a citizen-focused approach. Their goal can be summed up as wanting to change the government’s approach to service delivery from inside-out to outside-in; in other words, adopt an approach focused on the client’s needs rather than departmental or agency objectives. SCI team members were part of the Service and Innovation division, specially created within the TBS to explore ways of improving the delivery of government services

The team members were selected for their extensive public service experience and ability to manage change. The first dark cloud that loomed over this project was their high turnover rate. As experienced, seasoned managers, they were often earmarked for other positions that some ended up accepting. The second came from the ambiguity surrounding the TBS’s dual role of controller and entrepreneur, at least with this project.