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Most stakeholders recognize the value of the conceptual, organizational, strategic, and technological developments that OBC undertook. Their scope, complexity, or delays are not always well understood, but because trust has developed, OBC is allowed to move forward.

6.1. Performance and Collaboration
Private partners are very disappointed by the slow implementation of new functions and transactions for the client. However, they are satisfied with the collaboration although there have been several conflicts, one of which led to the threat of a lawsuit. Those who are financially secure are still waiting.

OBC believes it understands the expectations of workstation-hosting organizations hosting the workstations and is able to meet them. However, these organizations feel that they are little consulted and are being imposed ways of doing things as if they were any ministry. For the manager of Enterprise Toronto, a local organization that acts as a workstation host and a retailer for a wholesaler, it is clear that the OBC system simplifies procedures required of entrepreneurs. In addition, since they became authorized depositories, these organizations can offer their assistance services to entrepreneurs (free and for a fee) which provides them with an incredible visibility. After initial problems of speed, the workstations and Web site are working well and provide the expected services. However, an interface which is more user-friendly is envisioned.

OBC's originality in terms of partnership does not come so much from the selection of its IT and consulting partners (although for development companies there is an accreditation list which replicates, in terms of process, the one from the provincial government and allows them to considerably restrain and accelerate contract attributions) but from the role OBC assigns to private organizations and NPOs in the service delivery process.