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The Partners

The success of OBC is mainly due to the people that make up its project team. They are managers who previously worked for the different ministries and are still quite familiar with them. Their knowledge of the problems and needs of the programs gives them a certain legitimacy with their public-sector colleagues. In addition, their proactivity helped them gain the respect of the private partners who consider them "less worse than the rest of the government." The leader of OBC chose a few people for his team, but many were appointed in order to assure continuity or discrete constraint measures. However, the synergy was such that these people became radically in favor of the objectives of OBC.

A large part of the duties of senior members of OBC consists of communicating the objectives, goals, and conceptual framework of the project, as well as being attentive to the needs and business objectives of the specific programs and private partners. Senior Ontario public administrators recognize that OBC people have the strong analytical skills necessary for the creation of a vision and to the establishment of win-win scenarios which together with solid communication and team building skills lead to a strong collaboration environment. In addition, without the technological experience and understanding of the public and private business processes, the development of the delivery architecture could not have taken place.

The OBC team is made up of 34 people appointed on a permanent basis. Nevertheless, there is a constant turnover of personnel depending on the phases and needs of the project. The team's main functions consist of the management of relations with the private sector and the other public organizations, the private providers, the internal technology providers, and the program managers. The team also has oversees the technical development necessary for secure functions, intermediary systems, and applications usable online that are financed by the OBC budget.