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The Project

The Management Framework
Responsibility for each department's public service delivery reengineering project falls under the respective Minister or Deputy Minister (DM). However, a Deputy Ministerial Steering Committee at the sub-ministerial level oversees all projects. The committee has the support of the Public Services Reengineering Bureau. OBC is considered a major project. Representation in this committee allows OBC to be aware of any innovative project or any relationship that could be developed.

The ministerial steering committee supervises the governing modes and major initiatives of OBC. Representatives of all ministries interested in the issue of government-business relationships can participate.

In order to stay in touch with the business clients community, OBC appointed a Business Advisory Group, composed of representatives from the business associations, industry leaders and municipalities.

As a crucial element of OBC's mission is the creation and sustainabilityof partnerships, OBC leaders have developed standard agreement methods and tools that can be adapted to each situation and all partners: federal and provincial programs, IT internal providers, external providers, wholesalers and retailers. Basic principles or letters of intention are drafted in an attempt to understand and adopt the needs and values of the partners. This process is executed rapidly. An agreement is then formalized on the joint development of the business process and its implementation. Details are worked out for its operationalization, which leads to the definition of performance standards, agreements on service levels, roles, and responsibilities. Currently, the preferred mode of agreement in government is the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), which often requires signatures from several levels or more formally, letters of intent. Regarding relations with private partners, responsibilities, and conditions are usually defined through licenses and agreements on business relations. Relations with providers of products and services are more standard, consisting of RFPs (Request for Proposals) often based on proof of concept. However, RFPs are restricted to accredited providers.

When a more important problem comes up, which has happened two or three times, a consulting company is used to facilitate the negotiations towards an acceptable agreement. This recourse is also considered to be profitable from a political point of view.

Thirteen of the 34 people on the team are dedicated to the conception and management of the relationships infrastructure.