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The Project Context

The legal and policy context
The original and crucial element in this case is the law reforming the regulation of businesses mentioned earlier in the study. The law, sanctioned on December 9, 1994, is still current and unique. It simplifies some processes and regulations, such as the mandatory requirement of hard copies and original signatures on forms. The law gives full power to organizations like OBC to force ministries and governmental agencies to deliver their processes in the desired form in order to be more open and compatible. OBC did not yet use this "stick" but recognized that the law helped lift many barriers.

A legal counselor from the Ministry of Consumption and Trade Relations assisted the OBC team during the conception and first phases of the project. The legal counselor is still readily available. It is widely acknowledged that this involvement allowed the creation of legislation well adapted to the strategies of e-government. It facilitated the understanding of the initiative objectives and consequently of the present and future legal needs. Another result of this relationship was that members of the OBC became more attentive to the legislative aspects in the short term and laws in the long term, which influenced their conception of the structures and relations to be developed.