Ontario Business Connect
January 2002
Hélène Sicotte

In the early 1990s, in response to business community pressure on the provincial government to streamline its relations with business, Ontario passed the 1994 Act reforming the regulation of business and developed on a strategy to modernize the delivery of services for business. The temporary project born of "clearing the path" brought together people from various departments under the control of the Consumer Ministry. In 1998, the staff became permanent and in 1999, the project received five-year funding. In the early months, terminals were set up at a few sites where entrepreneurs starting a business could fill out a single form instead of four. A related OBC strategy is to take advantage of market forces to facilitate the creation of new products and services using Internet technology by grouping information and transactions with various service suppliers. At the same time, three wholesalers provide complementary services on an exclusive-contract basis and agencies (public or private) interested in supplying these paid services are asked to reach an agreement with them. In the longer term, OBC plans to create a technological and administrative infrastructure for delivering services to all citizens through partnerships with all the stakeholders in a community.