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Officially, the time required to launch a new business has been cut from six to eight weeks to under a week or two. In practice, as mentioned earlier, someone who turns up in the morning to register a business name can now have that settled within a few hours and answer the OSBR questions in 20 to 40 minutes later that day. The documents are then sent to the government organizations concerned.

OSBR reached its goal of 1,000 applications a month in March 2000. By January 5, 2001, 21,378 clients had used the system and filled out 56,169 applications. The system's popularity makes future development easier in that its current success is attracting the attention of other government agencies, according to the Ministry of Small Business.

Some 20 municipalities were participating in OSBR in spring 2001, and 43 by fall 2001. It is estimated that 150 towns could join the system in the near future.

At the end of the required forms is a satisfaction survey that 80% of users fill out. Among this 80%, 96% said they would use the system again or recommend it, and 76% rated the system as excellent or very good. The responses indicate that people consider the system easy to use, simple, and a good use of public funds. It is interesting to note that the user satisfaction rate varies tremendously with the kiosk used to fill out the forms. This factor leads one to believe that satisfaction fluctuates with the amount of on-site support. For those helping users, OSBR is an excellent program that improves the quality of public service. The system's response time could apparently be improved.

It is felt that OSBR has reduced operating costs, and improved the accuracy of the information obtained as well as its legibility. Forms are also filled out better and there is a better flow of information between government agencies. One major advance is that the requirements for registering a business have become much clearer for the public concerned.