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At the time of the interviews, OSBR's technological development was still relatively limited. The Internet connections in some cases do little more than produce soft copies of faxes. Computer system integration is underway.

The big problem remains the different levels of preparation for change that the various government organizations involved in the project reached. One interview subject mentioned the propensity for risk, which varies considerably from one organization to the next. The different organizational cultures at the agencies involved have been a source of friction throughout the project.

Some people welcome the project. This applies to the numerous users, who consider having the kiosk a blessing compared to the hoops they had to jump through in the past. Yet not everyone feels the same level of comfort with technology and a number of people do not like using a computer.

Also worth repeating among the disadvantages is that the project has always been viewed as marginal because none of the partners spent any money on it or made it a priority. One might add that the venture suffered from having remained a pilot project for such a long time. A great deal still remains to be done to meet the expectations expressed in the PAIC survey.

One problem at the beginning was employee concern about the job cutbacks that OSBR would endender. But this never happened. Another problem for front-line personnel was receiving the proper training, but this is no longer the case.