Collaboration among the various partners is based on common interests, a few outdated written agreements and considerable email correspondence -- in brief, very few official documents. One of the most original features of this project is that there are no official signed agreements with a fixed term. The project is progressing at its own speed. None of the interview subjects had any clear recollection of any signed agreements, if there were any. Nor do they care about this issue. As one of them put it, it should be noted that none of the partners backed away or dropped out of the project, which is a sign that they are all benefiting from it.

This cooperation has had to endure the chill emanating from the Ministry of Finance, which tends to look down its nose at other ministries and never really climbed on board the project. Expansion in the municipal realm largely depends on the enthusiasm of one official in the municipal sector trying to convince colleagues of the value of the project. This person is expected to retire in the coming months, though at the time of the interviews, there was a plan to hire him on a contract basis to continue expanding the project. The municipalities have no contact with the federal government, which is also farther away than some provincial officials would like.

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