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OneStop Business Registration
January 2002 >Download PDF
Luc Bernier

One Stop Business Registration (OSBR) allows the most commonly used forms for opening a new business to be filled out in one place in less than an hour: Provincial sales tax; business registration; employee pay, GST, payroll deductions; corporate income tax and import excise tax.

The filled-out forms are then sent to the appropriate agency while a copy is printed out for the applicant. This reduces the paperwork for clients and streamlines their contact with the government. OSBR involves some 15 partners and is being carried out in association with the Government of British Columbia, the federal government, and several municipalities and townships.

OSBR is available throughout the province; it offers fledgling businesses numerous services from three levels of government through 88 booths in 77 different public places. It is now also available on the web. Public satisfaction with the service is very high.