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The Project

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Given the diversity of skills required by the project as well as the range of objectives, it was essential to team up with a number of partners and work together on developing the portal. It is, in fact, quite rare to find people with both technical and methodological skills, knowledge of the employment, training and business world (with an e-commerce approach) as well as familiarity with how different markets work, relations between supply and demand and, lastly, teaching and organizational skills all on the same team.

The partnerships briefly described in this section fall into different categories. Some could be considered financial, others interdepartmental and lastly, still others purely business partnerships.

At what point can one really talk about a partnership? Apart from the financial aspect, isn't it also possible to adopt a "partnership attitude"? That is what the Hotjob team aimed for.

For the sake of efficiency, initially the partnership was deliberately rather limited. Today it is in the process of evolving and diversifying to enhance the portal.