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Portal Services
The services available at the portal are divided into two main groups based on the type of external user: access for individuals and access for employers.

The following table summarizes the different products for each type of user.

Hotjob Products
Services for Individuals
Jobs: help-wanted listings 
Search by criteria and tree. Users can save their search as well as opt to receive results by email. Registration is mandatory for using this service.
Jobspot: employers recruiting 
Job offers can also be viewed by employer or based on the user's profile. Applications can be sent directly to the potential employer. Registration is mandatory for using this service.
CV en ligne: on-line CV postings
The Hotjob site has a standard on-line CV posting setup. Users can contact client service (the back office) for help. CVs remain active at the site for three months, and can be regularly updated and reposted. CV hit statistics can also be viewed.
Inscription en ligne: on-line registration with FOREM 
Gives new users access to the various services.
Mode d'emploi: how-to and employment information 
This is primarily an information service. It tries to answer frequently asked questions such as how to choose a career, the best way to look for a job, what about labour laws etc. Site registration is not required for access to this service.
Se former: training opportunities
This area has a wealth of information about training opportunities in Belgium and abroad. Users can find out about existing skills centres and internship formulas. The service also includes a set of links to training-releated sites in Belgium and elsewhere.
Espace jeunes: sources for young people
The youth area is intended to address the specific needs of young people. It explains options upon leaving school, how to handle first job interviews, how to write a first CV, etc.
Services for Employers
Jobs: help-wanted listings 
The more or less customized listing created by the employer is posted at the site within 48 hours. Hit statistics for the listing concerned can also be viewed. Employer registration with Hotjob is mandatory for using this service.
Jobspot: customized job offers 
Employers have the option of customizing their job offers to make them more attractive and visible at the site by including, for example, images. A fee is charged for this service.
Focus: hiring pool management 
This service enables employers to create up to three candidate pools for profiles they regularly hire. There is also a fee for this service.
CV en ligne: on-line CV listings
This service enables employers to consult the database of job-seekers. Employers can do a search based on various criteria. Although the service is free, site registration is mandatory for using it.
Espace entreprises: sources of practical information 
This area has a bundle of useful information. The main topics are occupations (dictionary of trades and professions for writing job offers), employment contracts, social security, useful tips for new business launchers.
Formation: employee training 
This service provides training information for employers. It also describes the various subsidies available to employers for employee training, and includes a set of links to sites related to both employer and employee training.
Services for All
My Hotjob
This new service enables users to access customized information at a single location. After logging in, users can check the CVs or job offers that match their criteria. Among other benefits, they also receive articles and information based on the preferences they indicate.
Kiosks is an area open to everyone. It has a discussion forum and FAQ for both employers and individuals.
Scoop is the portal's weekly e-zine, featuring topical articles about employment and training. It also includes links to other related or interested sites as well as suggestions for further reading.