January 2002
Sylvie Nigot

Hotjob.be is a portal for employers and job-seekers. Hotjob is a service provided by FOREM, a jointly managed public service. Hotjob provides job-seekers and employers easy access to over 500 job and training sites that the project staff has checked and indexed. In addition to on-line viewing and automatic sorting of jobs available, the portal also offers a wide range of services such as help with writing a CV or job offer, a discussion forum, etc. This is a genuine one-stop prototype because the program is based on a total reorganization of work and the structure of information at FOREM. The process of setting up the platform was assigned to a private partnership that also did the reengineering necessary for its implementation. Private partners are also found among the information suppliers and distributors. The Hotjob service has further been enhanced by two new French partnerships with ANPE (France’s public employment service) and APEC (an agency specializing in executive jobs in France and Europe).