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The Collaboration Process

Critical Success Factors of Collaboration Project
Leadership was from the very top, President Clinton. He, and Vice-President Gore were both champions for using information technology to enable better, smarter, faster government services and information dissemination. The management of the project, in the hands of the U.S. General Services Administration, was a facilitating factor in the project's perceived success. The GSA team members were tirelessly dedicated to the project because "they knew it was right." And many saw the small size of the team as a success factor. The size enabled it to be fast and flexible. All the people interviewed credited the success to:

  • The President's Memo of December 17, 1999 on "Eelectronic Government;
  • The passage of the Government Paperwork Elimination Act in 1998;
  • The donation of the Inktomi search engine for a three year period;
  • The small size of the project team; and
  • The compressed time frame-90 days-in which to develop and implement

These factors created the top level support, the legislative framework, and the sense of commitment and urgency to have a successful launch date. A general theme heard echoed among the respondents was that FirstGov.Gov was successful because of personality, commitment, and a good team.