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Cadastre Reengineering Project
January 2002 >Download PDF
Carole Maziade and Lise Préfontaine

The cadastre reengineering project is part of a broader program launched by the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1985 and revived in 1989 to improve the definition of its scope. It includes the review of private land cadastre (boundaries, measurements and title) right down to each parcel. The updated and exact information stemming from this review is stored in digital form to facilitate the processing of cadastral changes and broaden access to cadastral information. Legislation passed in 1992 established the precedence of the digital version of the upgraded cadastre over any other paper version. That same year the MNR awarded DMR an outsourcing contract for development of the infomation systems required by the reengineering project, deployment of the related technology, and its operation for an initial term of five years (three for development and two of maintenance). The contract totalled $27.2 million plus 10% the year following its termination. On a technological level, the project is innovative in that there are no applications on the market capable of combining cadastral data with a graphic representation. The main clients and users of cadastral information, aside from the MNR, are the Ministry of Justice, land-surveyors and the firms that use them, municipalities and County Regional Municipalities (CRM).

Although the contract is a typical client-supplier one, the overall business relationship established has taken on the allure of a genuine partnership in more than one respect: collaboration, mutual respect, and trust. Moreover, the project is being carried out on schedule and within budget, and has led to the development of Quebec expertise in geospatial reference information systems.