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5. Performance

5.2 Impacts of the project
The challenges in the implementation of this project, which required "to successfully integrate a product that did not yet exist with a system" mobilized the participants around the operational aspects of the project. Participants talked about the success of a team where everybody worked for the same objective.

For MNR, this project is a success in terms of the scope of the project, the respect of the criteria established, as well as of the planning and schedule. This success also strengthens the solution, the cadastre reengineering program business plan, and reestablishes the notoriety of the Ministry. The expertise developed internally at MNR allowed the implementation of the second stage of the project with the ministry's internal resources.

For DMR, the impacts are interesting. The consulting firm developed an expertise in project management and GIS that it can now market not only on the Quebec markets but also on the international markets, including Russia and South America. DMR developed a recognized expertise in Oracle, and its reputation as a project integration specialist allowed the company to position itself very well for other projects to come.