5. Performance

5.1. Performance of the project and of the collaboration
For a project of this scope involving crucial operational stakes, strict planning was essential. The goal of the cadastre reengineering was never modified, the objective never changed, and the program implementation happened as predicted. All the participants in the project unanimously associated the project performance to the management mechanisms put in place to ensure smooth development. Nothing was left to chance!

The MNR associated the success to the rigor in costs, quality and schedule control as well as to quality insurance which was very well developed, very structured, formal, and which channeled energies to the right places without wasting time in terms of procedures. From the beginning, the roles and responsibilities of everyone were clearly specified, as were the processes. Regarding the product, the critical criterion was the integrity of the databases.

Some MNR staff associated the performance of the project to the client-provider formula that allowed MNR to have access to an expertise complementary to its own. However, participants emphasized that the government environment does not allow much flexibility in getting expert resources from the private sector.

For DMR, it was the management tools they put in place to efficiently manage the deliverables and their quality that accounted for the success. The scope of the work and staff involved allowed the improvement of the operation and management methods. They adopted electronic management indicators, applications to manage predictions (cost/time) that were automated by the deliverable and team. For them the integrity of the system quickly became a priority.

By integrating the deliverable strategy to the business plan, the "nice to haves" were put aside if they compromised the schedule. For MNR, the priority was to get a functioning system that did the work in the times and costs established. DMR delivered. With unanimity and great pride, all the participants agreed that this project is a great success.

5.2 Impacts of the project
The challenges in the implementation of this project, which required "to successfully integrate a product that did not yet exist with a system" mobilized the participants around the operational aspects of the project. Participants talked about the success of a team where everybody worked for the same objective.

For MNR, this project is a success in terms of the scope of the project, the respect of the criteria established, as well as of the planning and schedule. This success also strengthens the solution, the cadastre reengineering program business plan, and reestablishes the notoriety of the Ministry. The expertise developed internally at MNR allowed the implementation of the second stage of the project with the ministry's internal resources.

For DMR, the impacts are interesting. The consulting firm developed an expertise in project management and GIS that it can now market not only on the Quebec markets but also on the international markets, including Russia and South America. DMR developed a recognized expertise in Oracle, and its reputation as a project integration specialist allowed the company to position itself very well for other projects to come.

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