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3. Project Partners

3.1. The MNR
The Ministry put in place a project management team consisting of the following persons: a very experienced manager brought in 1990 to the cadastre direction, a pilot manager who later became the project manager and, a few years later a system administrator in charge of quality control. A fourth person responsible for monitoring the 1985 cadastre reengineering program also joined the team.

Immediately after starting, the director redefined the technological and organizational dimensions of the cadastre reengineering program, and created a business plan for the project (see figure below). The solutions were then presented to the General Office of Budget.

Business Model

However, in order to meet the objectives of the program, the Ministry had to acquire an IT infrastructure, train the staff, and ensure transfer of expertise while running its current operations. As MNR did not have the internal resources to do that, the solution chosen for launching the program was to hire a provider in charge of the whole enterprise.

The direction at MNR had enormous pressure since it was dealing with the "relaunching" of the program. The director was known to be "very rigorous," and she demanded that costs, schedule, and quality be strictly respected which became the leitmotif for all the participants in the project. Internally, everything had to be planned, structured, and well organized. The managers were liable; self-financing of the activities had to be maintained, and a SME-styled management was put in place. The success of the integration contract was closely tied to the implementation of the business plan that was result-oriented.