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2. The Cadastre Reengineering project

2.1. The contract
The first three years of the five-year contract were be used for applications development; the last two years for the operation and maintenance of the systems. The DMR contract "consisted of the development of a technological solution for the integration of geospatial numerical data and the alphanumeric descriptions of the properties. It also included the establishment of an information system infrastructure to support such a high volume of information, as well as to ensure the training of staff and the maintenance of the system."9 Among the eight components identified, the main challenges were the development and implementation of four management systems:

  • Cadastral data management
  • Cadastral reform management
  • Cadastral reform funds management
  • Systems pilots

9 Garon "Cadastre Reegineering: Impossible without GIS," Les Affaires, October 9, 1993, p. 34.