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Bremen Online Services

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2. The Project

2.1. Goals
The MEDIA@Komm-project in Bremen is carried out by "Bremen Online Services." The goal of the project is to modernize Bremen's public administration with a focus on customer service, and to link this effort with a boost for the local ICT industry. This is to be achieved by developing a new delivery channel for public and private services: the integrated electronic single-window service.

This requires a common online platform with private partners, which is able to process secure transactions including authentification, identification, encryption and payment between citizens/customers and administrations/private service providers. As important as the platform are the applications in administrations and in the private sector which allow fully integrated electronic transactions and the means to achieve the widest possible access to these services. Together, platform/infrastructure, access, and applications comprise the key-components (cf. Fig. 1) and will be described in more detail in the next sections.

Three components of the Bremen Online Services project

Fig. 1: Three components of the Bremen Online Services project