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Ambassdeur Project

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Project Benefits
The Ambassadeur project proved to be an important promotional tool for the partners. It gave the CFDCs public exposure and, above all, enabled them to cultivate relations with numerous local organizations. A number of CFDC executive directors talk about this project with pride. Moreover, it created expectations in the community. People greatly appreciated the service ("a good free could we do without it?"). But the project's short lifespan worried some. As one participant put it, one can ask, "Is it enough to help the community pull itself up by the bootstraps?"

For HRDC, it turned out to be a very interesting means of promoting government products and services. The project also made it possible to develop ties with people in the field and to combine the forces of two organizations with different missions in pursuit of a common goal. Some even foresee the possibility of cooperating on other projects.

The citizen phase of this project spanned a very short period of approximately two years, including a year and a half of work in the field, because:

  • it no longer officially comes under the Pan-Canadian Activities Fund,
  • the partners are looking for funds to continue the project; and
  • it is difficult to clearly identify all its ramifications in the communities.

There are many avenues to explore in measuring the extent to which the regional objectives set at the start were attained by the project, as well as its benefits including:

  • the impact of the training given by the "Ambassadeurs" to CAC volunteers in their efforts to lead, support and coach users;
  • subsequent use of the documentary resources by the people reached, the use of information and communication technology to meet their needs and the dissemination of information in their entourage and social network; and
  • the organizations concerned taking charge of the information to convey it to their clientele.

In fact, one benefit of the citizen phase worth considering is the multiplier effect of the efforts made in the various communities by the information officers. From the outset, the comments are positive but, with distance, the partners will be able to accurately assess all of the project's benefits. The qualitative evaluation is rather positive.