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Ambassdeur Project

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An important factor that affected the project's performance was financing. The uncertainty created by the delays in approving the grant, the shortfall in the money received from the Pan-Canadian Activities Fund and the questions surrounding the project's survival hampered CFDC initiatives in the field.

From the very outset, all parties involved found that the project filled a need, but at the same time it gave rise to expectations that they may not be able to live up to unless the project is renewed. A number of planned initiatives were only partly carried out, or postponed, or simply dropped due to the precarious nature of the information officers' jobs. The time limit on the project prevented any medium- or long-term planning.

The partners all agree that this service should be maintained. Some CFDCs have indicated their intention of adding it to their service baskets, but funding remains a central concern. As of April 2001, the citizen phase of the Ambassadeur project is no longer financed by the Pan-Canadian Activities Fund, but the CFDCs are continuing their work in the field in the hope of obtaining a grant from the OLT.