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Ambassdeur Project

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In the first phase of the project, coordination gave rise to a number of irritants. HRDC supervision was considered too strict and its ties with the "Ambassadors" too bossy; this made the CFDC managements uncomfortable. Occasionally CFDC managers felt left out of the loop. At the same time, the CFDCs noticed a lack of clarity in the documentation provided by HRDC.

To remedy this situation, as mentioned earlier, a steering committee was formed in September 2000. Its purpose was precisely to establish a modus vivendi between the realities facing the CFDCs and HRDC's obligations, as well as a modus operandi for aligning the project's objectives with the evaluation of results. The committee provided overall project coordination while leaving the technical details related to carrying out activities to be ironed out by the network of information officers, and the main strategic orientation of the project to the network of directors. But since the project was then at the end of its second year, according to some people financing soon became the main topic of discussion at these meetings.