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Ambassdeur Project

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CFDCs are community organizations established in rural areas and largely subsidized by Canada Economic Development. Their mission is twofold. The first is economic and involves providing primarily counselling services for business creation, expansion and consolidation. The CFDCs also provide financing in the form of loans, loan guarantees or equity investments to create and maintain lasting jobs in the community. The second has to do with community development by fostering partnership and influencing the orientation and future of communities within their territory.

As part of the CAP, which is administered by Industry Canada, they manage the CACs within their boundaries. Run by volunteers, the vitality of CACs and the condition of their hardware varies from one location to the next.

For many CFDCs, the Ambassadeur project breathed new life into the CACs not only as a forum for sharing but also as a potential business place. It is also attractive because of the funding that comes with it and having an additional employee in the field.