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Ambassdeur Project

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The Project

Management Framework
For the Ambassadeur project, the partners opted for a management framework intended to be simple, and essentially based on two communication networks (see Figure 1). The first consisted of the directors who mapped out the project's general orientation and determined the division of responsibilities. It was made up of CFDC management, the Director of Saguenay-Lac St-Jean HRDC, and the Coordinator. A Canada Economic Development representative occasionally provided guidance and serviced as a resource person for the project.

The second network was made up of the "Ambassadors". It was a structure for coordination, exchange and communication related to activities in the field. This network encompassed the HRDC Coordinator and CFDC information officers.

After a few months of experimentation, the direct relationship between the coordinator and the information officers made the CFDCs somewhat uncomforatable. The executive directors wanted to be better informed about the strategies proposed to their personnel (the "Ambassadors"). A steering committee was therefore set up, consisting of the HRDC Director, two CFDC directors, and the Coordinator. This also ensured closer contact with HRDC, enabled more in-depth work and provided a better framework for the project to gauge its results. Thus the committee ensured that all documentation about the project in circulation took into consideration both local realities and the administrative rules governing the project.

1. Formed in September 2000 and made up of the HRDC Director, 2 CFDC directors, and the coordinator