Ambassadeur Project
January 2002
Carole Maziade and Ricard, Line

Ambassadeur -- an approximately $300,000 project -- was launched by Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) to develop the potential of communities. Six Community Development Assistance Corporations (CDACs) collaborated on getting the project off the ground by helping with recruitment, monitoring activities, and supervising hired personnel. While taking advantage of Internet Community Access Centres (CAC) as forums for discussion and business opportunities, the project promotes the use of information technology to access the resources, products and services of, among others, the Government of Canada. Ambassadeur aims to empower citizens and create dynamics within the community at both the local and regional level. Each SADC oversees implementation of the project in its territory. The project has two dimensions, one for citizens and the other for employers. The case study focuses primarily on the citizen dimension that helps people become self-reliant by teaching them how to use the Internet and access different products and services, yet at the same time with a view to community needs. The employer dimension seeks to create a network and provide employers with tools for better market and workforce planning.