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Access Indiana Background

The State of Indiana is able to quickly redefine the delivery of web-based government services and deal with these challenges through its public-private collaboration with Indiana Interactive. The State of Indiana web portal, Access Indiana3 4, provides an electronic gateway to Indiana state government services and information. First created in 1995 and at the forefront of the e-government movement in the United States, the Access Indiana Information Network, which is more commonly known as "Access Indiana", is a state-owned, state-regulated digital telecommunication network. It features the Internet and web-based applications as the primary technologies for delivering information and services electronically to the public. The Access Indiana portal provides access to more than 190,000 pages of government information from more than 75 state agencies, departments, and commissions, the judiciary system of Indiana, and the legislative branch. Access Indiana includes 175 custom-designed online applications attracting 6.5 million accesses per month. The most widely used applications include on-line automobile registration, sex offender registries, unclaimed property, online election results, job information and registered licensed child care database.

Access Indiana is operated through an innovative public-private partnership between the State of Indiana and its private partner Indiana Interactive, Inc. Indiana Interactive is a subsidiary of the National Information Consortium, which builds Internet portals for state and local governments. The National Information Consortium also operates e-government services through similar agreements in fourteen other states. In each of these agreements, the National Information Consortium gets part of the revenue that states generate through each online transaction. The State of Indiana owns the Access Indiana Information Network service and retains control of all online information. The various state agencies are responsible for determining what is a public record and what public records and services will be distributed through the Access Indiana web site. As network manager, Indiana Interactive provides services for the development, operation, maintenance, and expansion of electronic transactions and information access with the public agencies and organizations. Indiana Interactive is also responsible for educating the public on how to use Access Indiana, which includes marketing the State's online services. The National Information Consortium also developed the state government guide for America Online5. This greatly improves NIC's position to market Access Indiana, as well as the other state portals, under its umbrella.

3 The url for Access Indiana is
4 Background information about Access Indiana was obtained from the current web site at [ Dead Link ] , archived minutes of the Enhanced Data Access Review Committee available at [ Dead Link ] , and author's personal interviews conducted between May, 2001 and November, 2001. I would also acknowledge the background research provided by the graduate students enrolled in V516 - Public Management of Information Systems, Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Fall 2001.
5 Mark Davis, "Deals Link Two Companies with Overland Park, MO-based E-Government Firm", Kansas City Star, August 29, 2000.