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Heavy duty / large scale Web-focused development, deployment and maintenance systems

Apple Enterprise Systems (what used to be NeXT), a division of Apple Computer of Cupertino, California, is the only full-fledged representative, while the other one, NetObjects Fusion of Redwood City, California, a privately held firm, IBM funded (among others), partially falls into this category.

Apple Enterprise Systems' product is known under WebObjects. Its current version 4.0 incorporates Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and CORBA integration. The product consists of three building blocks: WebObjects Builder, Enterprise Object Modeler, and Project Builder. WebObjects Builder "controls the visual layout of the application and binds the HTML forms or Java applets to pre-built objects on the server for database access and business logic".7 Enterprise ObjectModeler "models the relationship between business objects in the application and datasource schema".8 Project Builder forms the IDE for WebObjects. WebObjects has a good reputation among developers and users. Development times for object oriented WApps under WebObjects are reported to be short. Maintainability is rated high. The corporate customer list of WebObjects is quite impressive in terms of its length and its names. Apple claims that most major ecommerce sites are developed and maintained under its product.

NetObjects Fusion. NetObject Fusion 3.0 is a site oriented Web project development environment which acts as the intermediary between Web editors of all kinds and WApps builders, Webservers, and all sorts of Web Browsers. It lets the WApps developer use a visual design approach to creating and maintaining a Website structure. It also helps integrate and maintain the input from various editors and libraries besides its own powerful page editing features, (which includes multiple browser optimization). NetObjects Fusion supports Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) or ISAM technology. Data base interfacing beyond these methods is accomplished via third party products. The product is more "publishing" than transaction processing oriented. The product has won a lot of attention and support among the professional web publishing community. It is highly decorated with prizes from numerous publications in this field. The product is Windows 95 or NT based only. Among the supporters of NetObjects are IBM, Chrysler Corporation and others.