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Comprehensive application development, deployment, server and Web/NLS integration architectures

Two small, privately held but well-renowned vendors under this category are Bluestone Software, Inc., of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey and NetDynamics, Inc., of Menlo Park, California.

Bluestone SW calls its approach "Enterprise Interaction Management" (EIM). With its Sapphire/Web) family of products the company says it is capable of "providing a complete infrastructure where Web enabled, enterprise-class business applications can be developed, deployed, integrated and managed ... "4 Components are Sapphire/UBS (Universal Business Server), a server for WApps, the Application Manager, the Developer, and the Enterprise Deployment Kit. The software is developed using Java or C++ and the development tool generates such code itself. Product reviews by analysts state that the product family offers a wide range of multi-tier application management functions and is well suited for heavy -load "big-time enterprise Web applications"5

Bluestone's Sapphire products come with so-called Integration Modules (SIMs) which provide connectivity to ERP systems such as SAP and Peoplesoft, as well as transaction and messaging systems such as CICS, MQSeries, and Tuxedo. Sapphire integrates and supports CORBA, RMI, and COM. Bluestone offers a unique pricing scheme based on IPY (Interactions per year).

NetDynamics's definition of the same field comes as "Enterprise Network Application Platform". The product, NetDynamics 4.0, has five major components: the Application Server, Platform Adapter Components (PACs), the Command Center, the Studio, and the Java Object Framework. These components are pure Java and CORBA implementations. The Application Server is capable of load balancing and providing fault tolerance. The Component Monitor is able to watch the behavior of modules and objects in a very detailed fashion, Via PACs integration with ERP systems such as SAP and Peoplesoft is maintained, as well as with CICS and Tuxedo transaction processing systems. A whole host of other applications (including NLS) is interfaced by means of PACs. The Command Center is used for local and remote systems management. Studio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by which both Java and HTML applications can be generated. The Java Object Framework provides a comprehensive set of Java classes and methods. Analysts praise the comprehensiveness and cleanliness (in terms of compliance to standards) of NetDynamics family of products.6

Both companies have Fortune 100 corporate customers.

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