Web-based Applications and/or Networked Legacy Systems



The Technology Side of "the Problem"

Levels of Dealing with these Issues

Potential Advantage for Newcomers and Starter

Approaches to Deal with the Problem (or Parts of it)

Players and Products in this New Field

Comprehensive application development, deployment, server and Web/NLS integration architectures

Heavy duty / large scale Web-focused development, deployment and maintenance systems

User-front-end oriented development tools

Summary and Recommendation

Web-based Applications and/or Networked Legacy Systems
Spring 1999
Hans Jochen Scholl
E-commerce, which involves linking legacy systems and their attached databases to new Web-based applications and distributed databases, is emerging as a key way for private and public sector organizations to deliver products and services to their customers and constituents. This research paper examines the technical and business ramifications of linking legacy systems, which traditionally have a low degree of connectivity, to the Web. It concludes that the high demand for e-commerce requires a more organized and structured method for developing Web-based applications.