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Problems/Challenges associated with the Prototyping Model

Criticisms of the Prototyping Model generally fall into the following categories:

  • Prototyping can lead to false expectations. Prototyping often creates a situation where the customer mistakenly believes that the system is "finished" when in fact it is not. More specifically, when using the Prototyping Model, the pre-implementation versions of a system are really nothing more than one-dimensional structures. The necessary, behind-the-scenes work such as database normalization, documentation, testing, and reviews for efficiency have not been done. Thus the necessary underpinnings for the system are not in place.
  • Prototyping can lead to poorly designed systems. Because the primary goal of Prototyping is rapid development, the design of the system can sometimes suffer because the system is built in a series of "layers" without a global consideration of the integration of all other components. While initial software development is often built to be a "throwaway, " attempting to retroactively produce a solid system design can sometimes be problematic.