International Digital Government Research: A Reconnaissance Study (1994 - 2008) - UPDATED


Executive Summary

Building an International Digital Government Research Community

International digital government – exploration of the research literature

How is international research accomplished?

APPENDIX A: Methodology

APPENDIX B: Organizational Profiles of International Digital Government Research Sponsors

APPENDIX C: Conferences of Interest to International Digital Government Researchers

APPENDIX D: Journal listings

APPENDIX E: List of Publications

APPENDIX F: Selected references

International Digital Government Research: A Reconnaissance Study (1994 - 2008) UPDATED
Mon, 31 Aug 2009
Natalie Helbig, Sharon S. Dawes, Fawzi H. Mulki, Jana L. Hrdinová, Meghan E. Cook, and Tuuli Edwards
Today, digital government (DG) research is being conducted all over the world. Most of this work is focused within the geographic and political contexts of individual countries. However, given the growing influence of global economic, social, technical, and political forces, the questions embedded in digital government research are now expanding to international dimensions. A reconnaissance study such as this one focuses on the defining characteristics of a topic rather an in-depth analysis. In this report, we describe the size, scope, variety, and trajectory of the field illustrated with selected studies and organizational profiles. This study is part of a multi-year effort funded by the United States (US) National Science Foundation (NSF) to create a framework for a sustainable global community of digital government researchers and research sponsors.
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