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The Review and Recommendations Workshop

The Review and Recommendations Workshop focused on the development of a set of recommendations and next steps for the annual reassessment program based on the findings from the six Annual Reassessment Resource Requirements Workshop.

ORPS’s senior staff and a subset of the 162 Resource Requirements Workshops participants were invited to a centrally located, full-day workshop structured to review the findings and to craft recommendations for action. Participants were drawn from across the state with equal representation from urban and rural jurisdictions as well as large and small counties.

This workshop focused on confirming the themes from the local workshops that were discussed in the previous section, and developing recommended action plans based on those themes. Each of the five themes was presented with illustrative statements from the six workshops to portray how the theme was derived. Participants were then asked, in small work groups, to review the themes to determine if they correctly represented the essence of the dominant clusters from the workshops. The work groups confirmed the themes and made minor modifications to the name given to each theme. The modifications to the theme names have been incorporated throughout this report.

Each participant was then asked to individually rank the sub themes by the priority and “do-ability” of the sub theme as it related to their municipality (see Figure 3).

Figure 3. Do-ability and Priority Matrix

Figure 3. Do-ability and Priority Matrix