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Chapter 2. Creating capability for digital preservation partnerships

Six observations about state government digital information preservation capabilities drawn from the analysis of the data are presented below (see Table 1). The observations are offered to inform discussions related to the development of state government digital preservation partnerships. Based on these observations, several general suggestions for improving existing digital preservation capabilities in the states are offered and discussed.

Table 1.
Observations about the digital information preservation capabilities of the states
Observation 1
Capability for preserving state government digital information is low.
Observation 2
There is no consistent approach to addressing “at-risk” information.
Observation 3
Authority for setting standards and responsibility for providing digital preservation services is dispersed.
Observation 4
Executive, legislative, and judicial agencies operate parallel digital preservation efforts.
Observation 5
Digital preservation and Enterprise Architecture (EA) initiatives are not well-connected.
Observation 6
Efforts to develop strategic digital preservation programs are hampered by problem focused practices and funding and staffing models.