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Next Steps

Subsequent project activities will involve testing the record and system level sections of the RREC for comprehensiveness in identifying records management issues and ease of use. A prototype network-based system will be developed with APA in accordance with the information gathered through the use of the tool. As the prototype is developed, any specifications or system issues that were not captured through the use of the tool will be identified and the tool will be appropriately modified. The prototype itself will also be evaluated to identify the degree to which it meets the agency's records management requirements. Additionally, the tool and a description of and instructions for its use will be disseminated to records management experts and information resource management professionals for additional comments and feedback.

The second part of the Records Requirements Analysis and Implementation Tool, the Records Requirements Implementation Component (RRIC), which will focus on identifying technology, management and policy mechanisms for addressing the records management requirements, will also be developed. Project staff will also continue to disseminate information about the project and project products through the distribution of written materials, public presentations and over the CTG web site at

Kristine Kelly is a research associate at the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany, 1535 Western Avenue; Albany, NY 12222; 518/442-4598; fax: 518/442-3886. Alan S. Kowlowitz led the Electronic Records and Network Services team in the New York State Archives and Records Administration and is co-director of Models for Action. He can be contacted at New York State Archives and Records Administration, State Education Department, 9C71 Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY 12230; 518/474-6771.