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Managing the Service

Putting your county or municipality on the Web is a change in the way you communicate with your citizens. It's also rapidly becoming an expected way to do business at all levels of government. With this in mind, manage your Web site with an understanding that it is changing your government and its relationship with the community.

Manage the change

If your Web site is to remain a dynamic and valuable resource, it must keep pace with the way your government works. To accomplish this, you need to continually consider Web content as an integral part of government operations. The following questions may help:

  • What current information and/or services would be delivered more effectively over the Web?
  • What information dissemination and/or services could be complemented by the Web site?
  • Is there potential for the Web site to include new or existing services?
  • How will increased demand and communication be handled?
  • What impact will the new or enhanced Web site have on various staff?