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Setting Objectives

Most governments create their Web sites around this simple objective: to easily and quickly provide essential information to citizens, businesses, and visitors. They then develop a set of more narrowly defined goals. Here are some ways to help you set objectives that will focus the work on your site.

Identify players (stakeholders) and resources

In order to identify the objectives that work best for you, think about the stakeholders and resources involved. The stakeholders are the people and groups working on the project and affected by it. Your stakeholders may include constituents, municipal departments, elected officials, external government agencies, and other groups that are key to your project's success. Identifying these groups and understanding what they want or need, and how your site will affect them, will help you make decisions about its features.

Compile an inventory of all the resource needs. Identify those that you don't have and develop plans for getting them. Acquiring these resources can involve budget requests or more creative methods such as devising new models for collaborating or sharing resources.