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Untangle the Web would not have been possible if not for the generous and insightful contributions of the following people. These dedicated public servants are pioneers. They are among the first to put their local and county governments on the World Wide Web and the lessons they learned and shared are invaluable for others launching government sites.

  • Bradley Birge, City of Saratoga Springs,
  • Deborah Button, Allegany County,
  • Richard Caunitz, Rockland County,
  • Jeffrey Dammeyer, Town of Bethlehem,
  • Danielle Demers, Town of Colonie,
  • Stanley France, Schoharie County,
  • Michael J. Kayes, Montgomery County,
  • Charles Kinsey, Orleans County,
  • James Koury, City of Oneonta,
  • William Nowak, Town of Colonie,
  • Kenneth Rose, Montgomery County,
  • Bill Shaw, Town of Queensbury,
  • Melissa Sonne, Rockland County,
  • Georgette Steffens, City of Albany,