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Additional Resources

Association of Towns of the State of New York Web site offers links to a variety of towns in the state. It also includes information on member services, including training programs, research and information services, legal services, computer software programs, insurance programs, and a variety of publications.

Getting Online: a guide to the Internet for small town leaders, published by the National Center for Small Communities, explains in plain English the power, organization, and tools of the Internet, with emphasis on the World Wide Web.

Jakob Nielsen's site includes his bi-weekly column on Web site usability, reports on how to optimize your site, as well as other information that can help you build and maintain a simple and effective Web site.

Local Government On-Line: Putting The Internet to Work, published by the International City/County Management Association, shows you how to boost your local government's efficiency and productivity, exploiting the capacity of the Internet to better serve the public.

MuniNet Guide and Review showcases the outstanding Web sites and features it has encountered over the past 12 months. They look for sites that help increase both government accountability and citizen involvement.

The New York State Archives offers records and information management publications for state and local government agencies. Some of the topics that pertain specifically to county and municipal Web sites include managing electronic records (e-mail records). Other publications may also be of interest as you develop and maintain your site.

The New York State Association of Counties(NYSAC) Web site links to the counties that have sites on the Web. It also provides information on the member services such as conferences, legislative affairs, and policy and research data.

New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials (NYCOM) Web site links to cities and villages on the Web. It also provides updates on association events such as conference and training opportunities, and on legislation and policies that impact the State's cities and villages.

The New York State Office for Technology Web site offers policies on Internet Technology and e-mail use in government agencies, as well as an array of other information. There is also a report on Information Technology Consultations with NYS Local Governments.

The official US Domain Registry for the United States provides URL registration for all state and local governments (city, county, township, parish, village), K-12 districts and schools, community colleges, technical schools, museums, libraries, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential as a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding. W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative provides insight and advice on how to make Web sites accessible.

The Yale Web Style Guide is a useful source when creating Web pages. It is an outgrowth of their Web development projects. It reflects their attempts to apply some of the lessons they've learned in twelve years of designing and implementing software and Web sites.