Making a Case for Local E-Government

Meghan E. Cook, Mark F. LaVigne, Christina M. Pagano, Sharon S. Dawes, and Theresa A. Pardo
July 1, 2002


Cover Making a CaseE-government may be uncharted territory for many in local government, but technology clearly holds potential for improving the operations and outreach of local government. Local and county governments are trying to realize this potential by finding the best way to implement technology. This report is based on real-life experiences of local e-government pioneers throughout New York State and details strategies, funding, barriers, and benefits of their e-government initiatives. It also provides insight and advice for colleagues who are just starting out.

This resource serves as a communications tool to assist local and county governments trying to use technology to pursue e-government by providing case studies of successful initiatives. By using this resource local government officials can now approach e-government with greater confidence and understanding. 

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