Building response capacity through cross-boundary information sharing: The critical role of trust

Pardo, T. A., Gil-Garcia, J. R., and Burke, G. B.
Oct. 2, 2006


Paper presented at the eChallenges e-2006 Conference, Barcelona, Spain, Mon, 02 Oct 2006.

Governments around the world are increasingly turning to information sharing and integration to help solve problems in a wide range of programs and policy areas. These complex interorganizational efforts face not only the technical challenges of many information technology initiatives, but also the difficulties derived from interacting among multiple and diverse organizations. Trust has been identified as one the most important organizational factors for cross-boundary information sharing and integration. However, more research is needed regarding the determinants of trust building in this multi-organizational contexts. This paper highlights the relevant role of trust in cross-boundary information sharing initiatives and provides evidence about three of its most important determinants.

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