Data Quality Tools for Data Warehousing - A Small Sample Survey

M. Pamela Neely
Oct. 1, 1998


It is estimated that as much as 75% of the effort spent on building a data warehouse can be attributed to back-end issues, such as readying the data and transporting it into the data warehouse (Atre, 1998). Data quality tools are used in data warehousing to ready the data and ensure that clean data populates the warehouse, thus enhancing its usability.

This research paper focuses on the data problems that are addressed by data quality tools. Specific questions of the data can elicit information that will determine which features of data quality tools are appropriate in which circumstances. The primary objective of the effort is to develop a tool to support the identification of data quality issues and the selection of tools for addressing those issues. A secondary objective is to provide information on specific tools regarding price, platform, and unique features of the tool.

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